Mastering Mind and Body: The Role of a Yoga Teacher

A dedicated yoga teacher, experienced in various disciplines, guides students on a holistic wellness journey. With profound knowledge of postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, they create a harmonious practice environment. Yoga teachers offer personalized guidance, adapting to each student’s needs, fostering physical strength, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. Their passion for yoga ignites a transformative experience, nurturing health and well-being in every class.

Explore Our Yoga Teacher

Founder and yoga trainer

Kranti Amar

shreeram yogshala

Kranti today is an expert yoga trainer in subjects such as ashtanga vinyasa 200/300hrs, therapeutic, hatha, kundalini tantra, etc on the physical side and teaches subjects on yoga sutras, yoga anatomy, Gita etc on philosophical side.  His remarkable journey in yoga begins after completing master’s in yogic sciences and few certifications.

His perseverance led to establishment of most popular yoga centre in the temple state of Odisha ShreeRam yogshala. This unique yogshala today teaches to all age group be it kids, young adults, adults and senior citizens. He is instrumental in training many popular trainers who are most sought after and well settled world wide.